“It has become urgent to focus more on people, much more than on the infinite aid to unrecoverable banks ... It is imperative to start thinking small - ironic, isn’t it? But the bare truth is that it is in the smallest things that one can begin to see the greatest results.”


(Raquel Mendes, Corporate Affairs team leader in the European Electricity Union – Eurelectric, “The urgence of the now”, Observatório da Natalidade e do Envelhecimento em Portugal, ONEP).

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“The literature shows that most young people ignore that fertility decreases with the woman’s age, especially after the age of 35, even in the absence of any disease. In Portugal it is crucial to promote the increase of literacy in this area, using the main sources of information, namely the applications for mobile systems and the internet in general.”

Teresa Almeida Santos

President of the Portuguese Society of Reproductive Medicine

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