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PremiValor Consulting delivers top management consulting services, building on the components of skilled diagnosis, recommendation, and solution implementation capabilities.

Our expertise and advice comes from the commitment and senior experience of our team.


We deal with complex issues that, continuously, managers from different industries face seeking to clearly identify the drivers of our clients’ opportunities and competitive advantages so we can create true value propositions and be recognized as a Value Partner.


REAL VIDA SEGUROS is a life insurance company and one of the main insurance companies operating in pension funds in Portugal.




To protect and minimize the risks of individuals and institutions and monetize their assets through solutions of excellence, rigor, independence and solidity, ensuring value creation and business sustainability.



Production volume in 2018


About 93 million euros, more 30% than in 2017.

The Observatory of Childbirth and Ageing in Portugal  is a project created and developed by PremiValor Consulting.


The project that aims to characterize, understand and evaluate tendencies in childbirth and ageing.


In addition, the Observatory will also seek to increase social awareness about childbirth and ageing topics and develop initiatives that recognise companies that have policies and programs that promote childbirth and an active and healthy ageing.

REAL VIDA SEGUROS is currently the portuguese life insurance company with the fastest growth in Portugal.