New themes related with COVID-19 outbreak  


The projects to be developed can focus on the following suggestions:

1. Innovative mobility solutions in a post-pandemic COVID-19 society with a focus on senior citizens


2. The projection of the smart city of the future: solutions to reduce the risks of spreading epidemic outbreaks such as COVID-19 on a global scale with a focus on the most vulnerable populations, especially senior citizens.


3. Plan for the prevention of epidemic outbreaks in homes / centers for senior citizens (the plan may have a technological, social or processes component)

4. Marketing / communication plan to promote solidarity initiatives to support companies and more vulnerable citizens as a result of the crisis generated by COVID-19, with emphasis on young families and the senior population.


5. Training plan on web platform on how to reduce cyber risk while working at home.


6. Education plan on a web platform on how to reduce cyber risk aimed at children and young people considering the online classes new regime.

7. Marketing / communication plan aimed at citizens in general and seniors in particular to mitigate the impact of crowdsourcing initiatives to collect donations for false campaigns to buy medical equipment or equivalent for COVID-19 or other pandemic crises.


8. Research study concerning influence of demographic factors such as age structure, social stratification, migration, and social conduct on vulnerability and responses to COVID-19.


9. Study on the impact of the new Coronavirus on the older population including what socio-economic consequences it brings to a country.


10.Comparative study on birth and death rates in western countries, before and during the pandemic crisis related with the Coronavirus.

11. Comparative analysis of life and health insurance coverage in the context of a pandemic (Portugal and EU) and its adequacy to the reality of the insured